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Study: Moderate Drinking Linked to Abnormal Heart Rhythm?

Information for this post was taken from an article by Amy Nelson at Reuters, published by NBC News. A study of 30,000 older adults with a history of heart disease, reported by the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found that one’s … Continue reading

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Ask the Cardiologist: Is anticoagulant medication required after v-fib?

Dr. Maciej Malinski is on the medical staff at Sherman Hospital. He has been kind enough to answer some frequently asked questions related to maintaining a healthy heart in his Ask the Cardiologist series. To see all posts Dr. Malinski … Continue reading

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Palpitations May Signal Future Heart Rhythm Problem

From US News & World Report Heart palpitations and high blood pressure put people at high risk for atrial fibrillation. AF is an abnormal electrical activity in the upper chambers of the heart, and those who have it have increased … Continue reading

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Ask the Cardiologist: Can atrial fibrillation lead to ventricle fibrillation?

Thanks to Navreet for asking this question, which came all the way from India! Continue reading

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