Happy People, Healthy Hearts

In an ideal world, everyone would be full of happiness and on cloud nine every day of their lives. If this were the case, according to reports, there would be more healthy hearts than there would be unhealthy hearts. This is especially true for individuals who are at risk for heart attack and stroke.

The Harvard School of Public Health recently discussed in one of their newly published reviews that character traits such as optimism and happiness were connected to a reduction of heart and vascular risk.

Out of the people who had previously established a risk for heart disease, those who were seen as more optimistic had less of a chance to suffer from a heart attack or stroke than those individuals who were less optimistic.

Julia K. Boehm, PhD, a Harvard research fellow, stated the following:

“Historically, studies have focused on the negative impact of depression and anxiety. We wanted to look at the flip side to see how psychological well being — things like happiness, optimism, and having a sense of purpose — might impact [heart disease and stroke] risk.”

Great news, right? But the big question remains: how do people who are not naturally happy people change their outlook on life in order to improve their health? Well, there are many things you can try, but start with this one simple process: A positive attitude leads to productivity, which yields happiness and a healthier heart.

Want more healthy heart tips? Read our blogging cardiologist, Dr. Malinski, and his popular Ask the Cardiologist series.

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