Heart Myth or Fact #23: Even if the pain is in your arm, not your chest, you should be concerned


In previous Heart Myths, we’ve talked about how it can sometimes be difficult to tell if you are having a heart attack. It’s unfortunate but many women die from heart attacks because they don’t recognize the symptoms in time.

Women can experience heart attacks the same as men generally do, pain on the left side of the chest, but many suffer from different symptoms.

It is common for women to feel pain in their arm, stomach, jaw, or back. They can also experience overwhelming fatigue along with shortness of breath. Most women actually begin to notice symptoms a month before the attack occurs. Signs include unusual fatigue, sleep problems, shortness of breath, indigestion, and anxiety.

If you think you are experience a heart attack, call 911 and take an aspirin.

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Information for this post was found via LifeScript.

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