Heart Myth or Fact #3: Trans-fat-free does not always mean trans-fat-free

FACT – Trans-fats are pretty well known as a fat you don’t want to be consuming. Many restaurants and grocery store items claim to contain zero trans-fats in their food. However, these products can still contain up to half a gram of trans-fat and can claim on their label that they have “0”.

So let’s say you buy a bag of potato chips with “0” trans-fats, a.k.a. 0.5 grams per serving. That bag of chips may contain 16 servings. So you are now looking at 8 grams of trans-fats in the bag.

Even if the product is low on trans-fats, it could still have plenty of saturated fats. This is another one that does not do the heart any good.

Understanding food labels could take some time, but it is time well spent if it leads you away from heart disease.

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Information for this post was found via Discovery Fit & Health.

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