3 foods and drinks to avoid

This list, which got its information from Associated Content, will help you to make better food choices for yourself.

Part 1: No Duh – Red Bull

In a surprise to absolutely no one, it turns out Red Bull is bad for you. The super-sweet energy beverage makes your blood “sticky” similar to if you had cardiovascular disease. It may also increase your risk of stroke. A handful of countries have completely outlawed the drink because of its health concerns.

Part 2: Are you serious? – Soy

This one is far more shocking. But according to this article, soy may not be all good.

But there’s a lot of good to be had in soy. It’s an excellent source of phytochemicals, antioxidants, and other healthy oils and nutrients that help the body lower bad cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation. It’s also an ideal source of protein for vegetarians.

The bad:

“The “bad” that you have heard about soy probably stems from its high concentration of phytoestrogen, a molecule which is molecularly similar to the body’s own estrogen. High estrogen levels are linked with breast cancer, and the science is still incomplete if plant-sources of estrogen may be linked with increased cancer risk.”

Part 3: Huh??? – Blue foods

Avoid this troublemaker.

Blue foods. This includes blue M&Ms, blue slushies, blue candy. Scientific American studied what makes foods blue, and it turns out the same dye that’s used in these foods is used to color blue jeans. This dye is known as blue dye #2. As for blue dye #1, that comes from coal tar or synthetic oil.

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