The ‘reel’ scoop on fish-filled diets and heart failure prevention for women

Fried Fish: Bad.

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The American Heart Association recommends at least two servings of fish weekly, but a recent study may show increased benefits from eating more.

Heart failure currently affects one in five people in the United States with postmenopausal women at an even higher risk. After a follow-up on a study of almost 84,000 postmenopausal women, research showed that eating baked or broiled dark fish more than five times a week may prevent heart failure in older women.

In comparison with a 30% lower risk of heart failure in women eating at least five weekly servings of dark baked or broiled fish, the study found that women who ate just one serving of fried fish per week could have a 50% increased risk of heart failure. Dr. Donald Lloyd-Jones of Northwestern University, was shocked by the magnitude of these results.

Baked Fish: Good!

The study, led by Dr. Rashad J. Belin at Northwestern University, also shows that women who ate the majority of the broiled and baked fish in the study were mostly younger, healthier eaters who were in good physical condition. In contrast, the women who ate the largest amounts of fried fish tended to have a higher body-mass index, systolic blood pressure, and were more likely to smoke.

A relationship between Omega-3 fatty acids and a reduction in cardiovascular disease has been shown in previous studies of this nature, however, Lloyd-Jones cautions readers that benefits similar to those seen in this study cannot be obtained by simply taking a regular fish oil supplement.

Asked to comment on the study, Dr. Rachel Johnson of the American Heart Association Nutrition Committee, suggests; “if you are not already regularly eating fish, try to add it to your diet and have it in a preparation method retaining the beneficial aspects of fish.”

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