Why Dark Chocolate Is Good For The Heart

Information for this post was taken from an article in MSN Health. To read the MSN article in its entirety, click here.

In the past, we’ve written about studies that have found dark chocolate to be good for the heart. But why exactly is this the case? It has to do with a crucial heart health factor: blood pressure.

A recent study showed that eating dark chocolate is comparable to the effects of blood pressure-lowering drugs. From MSN:

“Researchers from Linkoping University in Sweden have found that eating dark chocolate inhibits the action of an enzyme nicknamed ACE (formally known as the angiotensin-converting enzyme), which is involved the body’s fluid balance and helps regulate blood pressure.”

ACE does most of its work with the kidneys, but high levels of it can cause hardening of the arteries and other cardiovascular diseases.

Note: The study monitored ACE levels in those who ate dark chocolate before they consumed it, 30 minutes after they consumed it, one hour after, and three hours after. Prolonged effects of ACE levels after eating dark chocolate was not monitored.

The study’s participants ate roughly 2.5 ounces of dark chocolate when they were observed. Eating dark chocolate has been proven to help the heart, and now you know why, but consume in moderation. Too much of a good thing, in this case, can become a bad thing.

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