Your Commute to Work Could Help Prevent Heart Failure

Health tip: Get off the phone, sir.

Your commute to work most likely involves a bus, train or automobile. Have you ever considered taking out the old bicycle or walking to work? It seems like a good idea because you save money, but is it worth the energy? A new study says yes!

You’ve probably heard the abundance of research about exercise and its relation to heart disease and stoke. This new study focuses on heart failure, which is the heart’s inability to pump sufficient blood to meet the body’s needs. Heart failure currently affects over 5 million Americans.

The study showed that men who exercised vigorously about 3 times a week benefited from a 47% less chance of developing heart failure. Men who have moderate to high occupational activity (standing, walking, manual labor) have a 25% less chance of developing heart failure than men who sit around in an office.

Women who commuted to work by walking or cycling had a reduced risk of developing heart failure than those who did not. In general, the more physical activities that a person participated in, the more the risk was reduced.

Information from this article was found from Rueters. To view Rueters’ full article, click here.

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