Women Under 50 Face Higher Work Stress

stressThere has been evidence linking stress at work to the increase of heart disease in men, but far less research has been done in regards to the impact of stress on women. Have you ever wondered if the same evidence could be relevant to women?

Well, recent studies have been done proving that stress at work can increase the risk of heart disease, especially for women under 50.

These studies show that pressure at work actually has a greater effect on women under 50 than those who are in their 50s and 60s. The researchers found that of the female nurses they interviewed, those that described the pressure at work as being “too much” are 35% more likely to develop heart disease than those who can handle the pressure.

If you feel under pressure you should try and tackle it in a positive way and get active during work hours.”

June Davison, British Heart Foundation

If you are overly stressed at work, talk with managers or colleagues for advice about how to begin managing your stress. Also, using the stairs or walking some of the way to work are a few simple ways to help reduce stress.

Information for this post is from an article in BBC News, click here to read the article in its entirety.

If you would like learn more about how to maintain a healthy heart or to talk with a physician about your potential heart risk factors visit Sherman’s Heart and Vascular Center.

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