Does Losing Your Job Effect Heart Health?

A recent article from Time suggests that unemployment can have detrimental effects on the heart and the body as a whole, and that employed people with health problems are far more likely to lose their jobs in the near future.

“Among people unemployed under these circumstances and who did not report any health problems prior to losing their job, 80% were diagnosed with a new health problem — ranging from hypertension and heart disease to diabetes — 18 months later. (Not surprisingly, those who started out with one or more of the conditions asked about on the survey were 54% more likely to lose their job within a year and half, for any reason, than those who did not report any health problems.) The most commonly reported conditions among this group were high blood pressure, arthritis and other cardiovascular-related problems.”

So what can be done about this? In a nutshell, health problems the unemployed develop are typically a result of stress. There are many ways to reduce the amount of stress in your life, some of the most effective being regular exercise and a healthy diet.

If those things aren’t helping and you have heart problems to address (stress-related or otherwise) click here to visit Sherman’s Heart & Vascular Center. We have the strongest team of cardiac specialists in the area at your service, eager to get you back on the path toward good health.

To read the Time article in its entirety, click here.

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