11 Life-Saving Health Habits (from Woman’s Day)

This guy has the right idea

Woman’s Day published an article last year that remains just as relevant today as it was then. Not just for women, either, but for men as well. As far as the picture is concerned, cats aren’t very relevant to this story, but sleep is. And as a wise man once said, “Never pass up the chance to have a sleeping cat on your blog.”

Most of Woman’s Day‘s life-saving tips are well-known already, including advice to drink a daily glass of wine and eat oatmeal for breakfast to protect your heart and prevent diabetes, but some tips involve newer research that some of us may not know.

One of the most interesting tips relates to how much sleep we get. Studies have shown that getting too little sleep (particularly under 5 hours per night) has negative effects on your heart and also increases the likelihood of diabetes and high cholesterol.

From Woman’s Day:

“So how much [sleep] is enough? Research has found that five or fewer hours a night does the most damage, but the key is to figure out how much you need and get that as regularly as you can. On your next vacation, wake up without an alarm for three nights in a row. On the first two nights you may oversleep because you’re catching up, but by the third night you should naturally wake up after the right amount.”

For the complete list of 11 life-saving health habits, click here to read the entire Woman’s Day article.

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