Eat for a Healthy Heart this Holiday Season!

christmas-hearts1The holiday season is upon us and it’s certain we just can’t wait to indulge ourselves with family, friends, music, and food. It seems as though you can never have enough, thus making us double or even triple our intake of everything about the holidays, especially when it comes to satisfying our bellies.

For people with heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, this can be an unhappy subject to swallow. Sherman Health wants you to enjoy the holiday meals without the worry. Just follow these tips:

When it comes to holiday food, many dishes and desserts require whole milk, or a combination of milk, which contains high levels of fat, sugars, calories, and cholesterol. As a replacement, try using a mixture of half evaporated milk and half skim milk.

It is very hard to resist all of the yummy desserts come the holidays so one way to fully treat yourself without the harsh effects is to cut the called for amount of sugar in your apple pie. Apples, berries, pumpkin, etc all have natural sugars that can sweeten your pie just as much, plus give an added fruit flavor. You can also try using a sugar substitute.

Holiday meals usually revolve around a ham or a turkey. It can be tricky trying to achieve the fullest flavor while watching your health, but really, it is all in the way you prepare the meat. Baking in the oven is simple, though will leave a large amount of excess fat.

Cooking on the grill (gas or charcoal) will do the best job of removing the fats leaving more flavor, and it doesn’t take but a few more minutes over oven baking.

A few others to keep in mind:

  • Eat light. Choose fruits and vegetables, and other low-fat plant-based foods to help your body recover and detoxify from excess food.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Stay active.
  • Get a good night sleep. We tend to push or bodies beyond their limits while preparing and enjoying celebrations with friends and family. Give your body time to recover.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you enjoy your holiday without the stress of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

Happy Heart Healthy Holidays!

About Sherman Health

Sherman Health has provided medical care to Northern IL since 1888, and is currently home to a network of over 600 physicians. The Sherman blogs are edited by me, Luke. Questions? Comments? Links? Email address is luke at shermanhealth dot com.
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6 Responses to Eat for a Healthy Heart this Holiday Season!

  1. Jim Tome says:

    These are smart tips for a time when everyone seems guilty about overindulging. With all that turkey eating, getting enough sleep shouldn’t be a problem!

  2. mzpritteful says:

    I love these eating healthy tips, however I don’t agree with the fact that you say to replace natural sugar with a sugar supplement. I don’t believe that this is better for your body.

  3. elksclub says:

    Sounds great but Thanksgiving is one of those days I’m not sure anybody can eat less!

  4. mfd1 says:

    Wow, you couldn’t have waited until after tomorrow to post this healthy eating tips, huh? Thanks for the detox information, though, Sherman. That will come in handy on Friday and over the holidays.

  5. khj123 says:

    Great Holiday eating tips! These tips are a reminder for me to stay committed to eating healthy. The upside is that I’ll probably enjoy the holidays more.

  6. MaggieMay says:

    I love the grilling idea! I think any kind of tips help for this season!

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